Terms and Conditions


Cheadle Village Hall, Drill Hall Brook Road, Cheadle, SK81PQ

The Hall

Includes the main hall and/or any other room or part thereof

The hirer

is the person named upon the hire invoice, irrespective of them acting in any capacity for any group or body.

Any person or group hiring the hall or any part thereof does so upon the following conditions

The hirer is responsible to ensure that

  1. The booked time is sufficient for any setting up and tidying required.
  2. The date, time, room and duration shown on the invoice and Hallmaster are correct
  3. Any damage/problems must be reported to the management as soon as is practicable
  4. The hall is returned to the condition it was at the commencement of the hire.
  5. All used/moved equipment is returned to its proper place/storage area.
  6. The hirer and its users are covered with appropriate insurance reflecting its nature/category/type of use.
  7. Users respect the residents in the area surrounding the venue

General Conditions of hire/use

Bookings are secured upon payment in full of the venues charges, repeat/advance bookings can be made for 3 months in advance, renewal of all bookings are at the discretion of the venue.

The venue/hall must be kept and left clean and tidy by the hirer upon vacating the same

Damage found after a hire will be held primarily to be the responsibility of the hirer and charged accordingly

Where storage is provided, any items are left at the owner’s risk and must be kept secure and not a risk/inconvenience to other hall users.

Cancellation of a single hire is refundable unless less than 48hrs notice is given

Repeat/advanced bookings will only be credited or refunded with a minimum of 14 days’ notice

submitting a provisional booking for acceptance is acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any overbooking, unavailability or for any other reason why a hire cannot take place will result upon application in the refund of the fee paid or an alternative slot/room being offered. 

No other claim for any consequential loss will be accepted (so far as is legally possible to exclude such claims)

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